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Please see progress stories from our clients below:

Here's fabulous client Angela, who gave us permission to share her incredible progress post baby! Photos are 12 months apart, and this time Angela lost an outstanding 3 stone 10lbs!

"I HONESTLY never thought I could feel this good, and never thought I could just pick clothes of the rail and they would fit or suit me. It has also allowed me to be so much more active with my children."

"I love going to Sofia’s classes, she is full of encouragement, energy and positivity. Everyone is so friendly and welcoming at every class. Thanks to Sofia for the first time ever I really enjoy exercise & the journey, rather than just the end result. Give it a go!!"

Angela has been training hard with us at class 3 times a week, as well as being mindful of her food. Her improvements in strength are undeniable, and we love to see her new gained confidence too!

Helen has been on a transformation with us both physically and mentally, and has since become a core member of the SofiActive Squad and an inspiration to others. Her photos her below were just 6 weeks apart, with a 13.5lb weight loss, 11 inches down, and a reduction of 1.4% body fat!

"I highly recommend Sofia. She is a real blessing. For someone who is overweight and lacks confidence she has inspired me to have a healthier relationship with food through informative Body Analysis sessions. I am no longer embarrassed by filling in a Food Diary as no matter what her approach doesn’t make you feel a failure but helps you to make positive changes going forward."

"The variety of fitness classes is incredible and in each one, whatever your ability, you work to your own goals. Her encouragement and motivation is paramount and you have fun exercising (I never thought I’d be saying that)."

Pam has been one of our most committed members, starting from our 60+ Fit Club up to our H.I.T class and Beach Bootcamp! She never fails to bring such a positive energy to every class she attends.

""My name is Pam, and I have been attending Sofia's Wednesday class for a few years. I was interested in getting back into shape after an injury prevented me from running. I decided to have a Body Analysis and Lifestyle Consultation done by Sofia to get a starting point. I thought I was reasonably fit and healthy, how wrong was I!"

"Sofia explained how to get the best out of the Body Analysis and also lots of advice on healthy eating. At the start of the weigh in, I was horrified to find out I was 11.039 st (70.1kg). But, worst of all, my metabolic age was 67 - a year older than my actual age!! This is the wake-up call you need to get yourself back on track. I have changed my diet and increased my exercise making sure I do something every day."

"Over two months I managed with determination, to reduce my weight by 7.4 kg to 9.874 st (62.7 kg). I have also lost 13.75 inches all over, and the biggest change is that my metabolic age reduced to 51. I am so happy that I had support and encouragement from Sofia. I had a goal at the start to wear a dress that I bought for a wedding, it fitted perfectly and now find I am buying clothes two sizes smaller which has helped enormously. Best of all is my self esteem has improved, I am able to run short distances and I am fitter, healthier and happier."

"So, if you need a challenge, speak to Sofia, she has changed my life for the better!."

Please see progress stories from our clients below:

"If you want a class that motivates and supports you on your exercise journey then look no further! I love the atmosphere of Sofia's classes, how everyone is so encouraging of each other. I’d highly recommend!!"

- Jo Arthur

"Sofia is quite simply AMAZING - she not only knows her stuff she’s friendly, encouraging and makes the classes really fun. It took me over a year to join a class but I needn’t have worried - they are not cliquey and this is all down to Sofia. She goes above and beyond - in addition to the classes she organises socials and a summer bootcamp for Charity."

"I simply can’t speak highly enough of her"

- Tracy Watson

"I have been attending SofiActive “keep Fit” classes for just over 1 year now. I suffer from COPD but in the past year exercising at two of Sofia’s classes a week, I feel so much better/ stronger."

"As well as teaching you to build muscle (which helps you breath ) Sofia builds your confidence. I have also met such lovely people at the classes, all who have helped me, when I have struggled. "

"If you suffer COPD or any other chest problems, or just to keep the rust from your joints, I can highly recommend you join one of Sofia’s classes. "

Terry Broughton

"I first started sofiactive fitness classes in January 2018 as a healthy new year's resolution. I'm so pleased I did because I really enjoy going along and exercising each week has now become part of my new life style. I've really noticed the difference in my fitness since starting. It also mentally makes you feel more positive"

"One thing I like about the classes is that you can work at your own pace, it doesn't matter about the speed of the other people around you. The classes are very friendly and I've met some lovely new people along the way."

"Sofia is a brilliant coach, the best I've ever known. She encourages us to push our body's to achieve our goals. she's continues to engage with us all throughout the class making sure we all know what we are doing. Most of all the classes are fun!! ."

"I would highly recommend giving them a go. Sofia has various different classes running throughout the week to suit everyone. You can pay as you go which is great if you can't make a class every week."

- Grace Stuart-Pilmer