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If you're feeling stuck, seeking guidance, or need a boost of motivation to move forwards, we have something to get you started on your health and fitness journey!

At SofiActive we offer a variety of services including mobile personal training, nutrition and lifestyle consultations local to the Highcliffe, Christchurch and Southbourne area.

Online coaching NOW AVAILABLE via Skype or Zoom!

Our services allow you to be flexible depending on your requirements, with options ranging from a check in Body Analysis to track your progress and keep you accountable, to Lifestyle consultations for nutritional guidance, to regular one-to-one Personal Training to help you achieve your fitness goals.

See below for all our available services and packages.

Please CONTACT, Sofia directly for available slots.


Our most popular option to help you kick start your health, fitness or weight loss journey! A course of 8 sessions specially designed to help you get on track and stay on track!

Over this course we provide you with the basic tools you need to build a solid foundation for success:

  • 1 x Initial consultation with goal setting + body analysis.
  • 1 x Lifestyle & nutritional consultation + food guide + food diary analysis + calorie & macro calculations.
  • 5 x One-to-one PT sessions.
  • 3 x Bespoke home workouts with warm up and stretches guide.
  • 1 x Follow up body analysis and evaluation.

£300 - (8 sessions including all analysis, guidance and handouts listed above)


This is a chance for me to get to know you, and vice versa! Here we discuss your goals and what you want to achieve, as well as your strengths and weaknesses, current food and exercise habits etc... This also includes a body analysis with goal setting and action plan before undertaking personal training or attending fitness classes.

Altogether this provides us with the best starting point to understand how we are going to move forwards, and the motivation to go for your goals and make a change! This can also be done alongside a body analysis.

£35 - To arrange an initial consultation contact Sofia today Click Here


Whatever your age or ability, we work specifically towards your goals, at your own level, with sessions that are tailored to you. Here we turn your weaknesses into strengths, and help you hit your targets. Personal Training with Sofia includes:

  • One-to-one fitness coaching.
  • Mobile training that comes to you.
  • Guidance of nutrition, exercise & lifestyle habits to help you stay on track.
  • Regular body analysis to monitor your progress.
  • Constant motivation, ongoing support & regular contact with Sofia

Pay as you go Personal Training:

£35 - (1 hour) - Pay as you go

Regular/ weekly Personal Training:

£120 - (Block of 4 x 1 hour sessions)

Group Training:

£50 for 2 people - (1 hour) - other group sizes available.


How are you tracking your health, fitness or weight loss progress? Do you know if you are losing body fat or gaining muscle mass? Unfortunately weight alone does NOT tell us this, but with advanced TANITA technology we can give you an idea what's going on internally:

Measurements include estimations of: body fat %, muscle mass, visceral fat, bone mass, resting metabolic rate, metabolic age, body water % and BMI - (as well as separate arm, leg & trunk readings)!

Here we also record your inches measurements and progress pictures so that you can visually see your change. Blood pressure readings also available.

Body Analysis is a great tool to assess where you are at, what changes you need to make to adapt your current routine, and give you the motivation to stay on track.



A full Lifestyle Consultation is perfect if you really want to make a change, not only to your activity levels and workouts, but to your health and food choices to really see a difference in your results. Here we follow a holistic approach, focusing on long term lifestyle changes - not a quick fix diet or programme. It's about feeling healthy, strong and confident for life!

Further to an initial consultation, we identify what factors may have been stopping you from reaching your goals, and aim to overcome these. Here we focus on your choice of nutritional and/ or exercise guidance to help you get your head around the basics and give you the tools you need - plus an estimation of your target daily intake and a food diary analysis to evaluate what tweaks can be made in your diet to help you achieve your targets.

£45 or £60 with Body Analysis


Want a little more structure for your home workouts to stay motivated and get on track? We can create you 3 – 4 x bespoke home workout sheets based upon your goals, injuries/ medical conditions and what weights and equipment you may/ may not have. Also includes warm up, stretches, and technique guide with a training schedule.