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At SofiActive we offer a full range of Personal Training, Nutrition and Lifestyle consultations

Group training also available at a discounted rate for 2 or more persons!

We pride ourselves on providing tailored personal training packages to help you achieve your goals whatever they may be. We also provide ongoing support throughout your health and fitness journey.

For more details about our Personal Training service please Click Here or call 0777 543 0282.

Please see our personal training packages prices below:

BRONZE - Pay as you go

  • Body Analysis (45 mins) - £20.00
  • Personal Training (1 hour) - £30.00
  • Initial consultation (1 hour) - £30.00
  • Lifestyle consultation (1 hour 30 - 45mins) - £40.00

KICK START PACKAGE (5 x sessions) - £130 (Save £30)

SILVER - 4 sessions

  • 4 x Personal Training - £100 (Save £20)
  • 4 x Personal Training + Body Analysis - £105 (Save £35).

GOLD - 4 sessions

  • 4 x Personal Training + 4 x Fitness Class - £120 (Save £24)
  • 4 x Personal Training + 4 x Fitness Class + Body Analysis - £135 (Save £39).

PLATINUM - 4 sessions

  • 4 x Personal Training + Unlimited 4 week class pass - £130 (Save £28)
  • 4 x Personal Training + Unlimited 4 week class pass + Body Analysis - £135 (Save £43).

Please see descriptions of the session & packages that we offer below:

How are you tracking your progress? Do you know if you are losing body fat or gaining muscle mass? Unfortunately weight alone does NOT tell us this, but with advanced Tanita technology we can show you what's going on inside:

Measurements include: body fat %, muscle mass,metabolic age,visceral (internal) fat, BMI, bone mass, metabolic rate,body water % as well as separate arm, leg & trunk readings! Here we also record your inches, as well as progress pictures so that you can visually see your change.

Body Analysis is a great tool to assess where you are,how to adapt your current routine, and gives you the motivation to stay on track.

Reach your goals with one to one fitness coaching. Personal training sessions with Sofia are mobile to the Highcliffe, Christchurch and Southbourne area.

Whatever your age or ability level, we work specifically towards your goals, at your own level, with sessions that are tailoredto you. Here we turn your weaknesses into strengths, and help you hit your targets.Personal Training with Sofia includes:

  • One-to-one fitness coaching.
  • Mobile training that comes to you.
  • Home workouts to help you stay on track.
  • Guidance of nutrition,exercise & lifestyle habits.
  • Monthly body analysis tomonitor yourprogress.
  • Constant motivation & regular contact with Sofia.

Group training also available at a discounted rate for 2 or more persons!

This is a chance for me to get to know you. Here we discuss your goals and what you want to achieve, as well as your strengths and weaknesses, current food and exercise habits etc... This also includes a full Body Analysisto identify your current body measurements before undertaking personal training or attending fitness classes.

Altogether this provides us with the best starting point to understand how we are going to move forwards, and the motivation to go for your goals!

Ready to make a change not only to your fitness, but also to your lifestyle and wellbeing? A full Lifestyle Consultation is perfect if you really want to make a difference and do something for YOU! Sofia has a holistic approach, focusing on long term lifestyle changes-not a quick fix diet or programme. It's about feeling healthy, strong and confident for life!

Further to an initial consultation, we identify what factors may have been stopping you from reaching your goals previously, and aim to overcome these. Our main focus here is nutritional / exercise guidance (with handouts), and a food diary analysis to evaluate what tweaks can be made in your diet. Body Analysis also included.

Need help to kick start your health and fitness journey? This is the perfect option for you. A 4 week course with 5 sessions specially designed to help you get on track, and stay on track! Over the 4 week course we provide you with the tools you need to build a solid foundation for success.

  • Session 1: Initial consultation + Body analysis
  • Session 2: Lifestyle consultation(nutrition/ exercise)+ Food diary analysis
  • Session 3: Lifestyle consultation(nutrition/ exercise)
  • Session 4: Full Personal Training session OR4 x weekly fitness class
  • Session 5: Body analysis